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Welcome to our Sonomimetikos Research Group website. Sonomimetikos is part of the Department of Advanced Materials at Research Centre for Applied Chemistry (CIQA) in Saltillo, Mexico. Our department conducts interdisciplinary research that combines the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology in order to develop polymers, ceramics, metal particles and composite materials through application of advanced technologies, principally those technologies derived from the knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology.


Our research group was formed in June 2015, with the purpose of contributing with scientific research and technological advances in the field of polymer nanocomposites. Our research focuses on design and development of polymeric materials using Biomimetic Approaches and Ultrasound Technology, in order to contribute to solving problems facing today´s society.


We are involved in a multi-disciplinary team effort integrated by researchers from other departments at CIQA and international research institutes. We know that scientific and technological developments, as well as innovation, are factors that influence the economic development and the knowledge economy; which are necessary to improve the level and quality of life of the population. We emphasize that these factors are closely related to the formation of high level human resources and, at the same time, contribute to social development. Therefore, we are committed to influence the young minds of our students towards a new way of thinking, based on the three pillars of sustainability (Social, Environmental, and Economic)!  



Thank you for visiting us


Carlos Espinoza-González, Ph.D

Leader of the Sonomimetikos Research Group

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