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Research Collaborations - Our Partners

We maintain a solid collaboration with Dr. Salvador Fernández`s research group at Graphene National Lab, in CIQA, Saltillo. This modern Graphene Lab was funded in 2014. The Dr. Salvador Fernández´s research group is formed by students with a great interest in graphene science. Sonomimetikos is sharing a posdoctoral´s student with Graphene National Lab.

The Biomimicry-Inspired Scientific and Technological Cluster (BioMimic), in Veracruz, is our source of inspiration. BioMimic is a scientific cluster in formation, in which most CONACyT institutions are associated. CIQA and Sonomimetikos Research Group are essencial part in this amazing project. The focus of this Cluster will be to develop cutting edge science and technological developments aimed at ultimately solving specific demands from society, governments and the productive sector (e.g., industry, agroindustry, and rural communities involved in the management of productive natural systems).


Sonomimetikos Research Group has a research project in collaboration with Dra. Claudia Pérez´s group. This project will focus on design and development of biomimetic systems of slow/controlled-release fertilizers. This project will allow to students introducing into the amazing field of biomimetic, whereas they learn to solve national problems in a sustainable way. 

With Dra. Claudia Pérez´s research group at BioMimic. (August 2015)

Sonomimetikos Research Group loves Coffee, so we have a special interest in revalorization of agroindustrial wastes coming from this industry. We have started a special collaboration with the Agroecological Center for Coffee (CAFECOL, A.C.) at Biomimic, and the Coffee Quality Institute at California, USA. In short term, we hope to develop projects to design sustainable nanocomposites derived from mexican coffee by-products .

With CAFECOL research group at BioMimic. (August 2015)

We have cultivated a solid collaboration with Dra Francesca Lionetto´s and Prof. Alfonso Maffezzoli´s research group at Department of Engineering for Innovation from University of Salento, Lecce, Italy. Our collaborations are in the field of ultrasonic dynamic mechanical analysis (UDMA) of nanocomposites.

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