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Spray Drying


Spray drying is gaining more and more attention as a gentle, single-step, clean, sustainable, continous and scalable drying process which converts liquids (solutions, emulsions, slurries, pastes and melts) into dry powders. In the field of nanotechnology, it opens the possibility to dry particles with controlled size, shape, porosity, density, chemical composition, and compartmentalized design (encapsulation, sea-island, multicore-shell, among other). Spray drying is widely applied in materials, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Mini-Spray Dryer B-290 - Particle Technology in our Lab

Coutesy by BUCHI Labortechnik AG.

The Mini Spray Dryer B-290 offers quick and gentle drying of aqueous and organic solutions to free flowing powder. It is the ideal laboratory spray dryer for R&D feasibility studies on innovative materials.

We offers research assistance for spray drying and encapsulation

Many different options for a wide range of industries

Our research group offers to national industry a place to design and develop sustainable materials using spray drying and microencapsulation technology.


Encapsulation of additives, nanotechnology, catalysts, fuel cells, batteries, ceramics, waxes, UV absorbers, pigments, and coatings.


Active pharmaceutical ingredients, controlled release drugs, inhalable drugs, and taste masking.


Controlled-release and slow-release of fertilizers, and natural insecticides for a sustainable agriculture.

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