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The identity of Sonomimetikos Research Group is based on concepts of Regenerative Design, which is a system of strategies and technologies, based on an understanding of the biodiversity and uniqueness of a place (natural resources, social, cultural and environmental aspects) to achieve life support systems and resources within socio-ecological wholes. In particular, our group try to integrate Biomimetic concepts and Ultrasound Technology, two science´s fields developed in paralell, to design polymeric nanocomposites inspired in the biodiversity of arid regions from Chihuahuan desert. Biomimetic is the emulation of the design´s principles of models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving problems facing today´s society. Ultrasound Technology refers to use of power sound at frequencies range from kHz to MHz, to conduce useful physical and chemical effects in polymer matrices, nanoparticles and combined systems. Sonomimetikos tries to integrate this fields into a single objective: "To apply biomimetic approaches using ultrasound technology to sustainable design and development of polymeric nanocomposites within a Regenerative Development". Thus, the word "sonomimetikos" is composed by the terms sono-(derived from Latin sonus which means "sound") referring to use of Ultrasound Technology; and -mimetiko (greek term which means "imitating to nature") referring to Biomimetic as design strategy adopted by the group.



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