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As driving force, our research topics will try to huge the Pillars of Sustainability (Social, Environmental, and Economic). Sustainability is described by the International Institute of Environment and Development as socially desirable, economically viable and ecologically sustainable.


Research - Socially Desirable:

Research topics will address issues such as use of Mexican desert plants (Guayule rubber, Candelilla wax, among others) for developing high-value polymer composites. The benefits of incorporating these renewable products will be reflected in a clear improvement in the living and working conditions of the people involved.


Research - Ecologically Sustainable:

Research topics will focus on minimizing harm to the environment and reducing the ecological footprint through application of life´s principles:

  • Being resource efficient: Fitting form to function, using multi-functional design, and recycling materials).

  • Using life-friendly chemistry: Doing chemistry in water - without synthetic solvents, and using ultrasound as green chemistry process.

  • Integrating development with growth: Building from the bottom-up.


Research - Economically Viable:

Research topics will focus on developing of high-value polymer composites made from renewable resources, and applying processing methods cost-effective & industrial scalable. 


Ongoing Projects

1.- "Development of Nanocomposites using Candelilla wax". Institutional Project CIQA 2015.


2.- "Biomimetic systems for low/controlled-release of fertilizers". Project in collaboration with Dra. Claudia Pérez ´s group at Biomimicry-Inspired Scientific and Technological Cluster (BioMimic) in Veracruz. Project granted by CONACyT in the National Problems Call 2014.


We are Seeking for other Funds to Contribute to the Solution of National Problems Through Science!

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